This planner is to give you an opportunity for reflection and growth each day. You’ll embark on exercises to  write your own success story. You’ll reflect on who you are, what goals you want to achieve, and what setbacks you might have to overcome.

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and write your own success story? Only you can do it.

Get Ready To Start Your Journey!


A wife and mother of two, Bridget is a licensed REALTOR, business consultant, empowerment coach, a motivational speaker and a licensed minister. Bridget is not a stranger to struggle however voctory and strength are her companions,

Over the years Bridget has helped many individuals find the right solution for their life in the areas of personal empowerment, financial stabiliblty and spiritual growth.

She is dedicated to furthering the issues of economic stability for minorities and women everywhere.

Experience • Integrity • Skilled coaching • Intimate Knowledge of the Personal Development • Caring Approach


My hope and prayer is that the coming year will provide you with more chances for peaceful, joyous moments.

Bridget Phifer